Solar Heating For Swimming Pools

Why Solar Heating?solar_panels

Solar heating is ideal for swimming pools when you want to save money on heating your pool. A pool can be expensive to heat but without heating a pool is a wasted investment. Heating by solar energy is an economic effective solution. Unlike any other means of pool heating, with solar the energy source is free and friendly to the environment. Enjoy comfortable swimming temperatures during an extended season with a solar heating system.

Is there Sufficient Sunshine?

Solar panels can collect heat on bright overcast days and not just on the sunny days when their performance is of course at its best. During the average UK summer solar panels can typically heat a pool from the middle of April to October. Pools without any heating rarely exceed 20°C. Pools with solar panels can heat water up to 30°C in optimum weather conditions.

How Solar Works

The solar panels can be linked in to the filtration system, making use of the existing filter pump. Filtered water passes through the solar panels which are connected before any auxiliary heating system. This means the free solar energy is used first, with the more expensive alternative heating being used only when a further boost is needed
Whether or not you have a boiler or heat source, the solar heating needs its own control system. This ensures that pool water passes through the solar panels whenever solar heat gain is available to be collected. Equally it prevents circulation through the panels during unfavourable weather when heat could be lost
This control is achieved by installing a 3-way motorised diverter ball valve in the filtration system, activated by a temperature controller. The temperature controller is equipped with two accurate temperature sensors which constantly monitor the pool and panel temperatures to signal to the valve when it is worthwhile directing pool water to the solar panels. Filtration continues even if there is no heat gain as the motorised valve will then divert the water to bypass the solar panels
The water circulates through the solar panels from bottom to top, entering at one end of a bank of panels and exiting at the opposite top end. Up to 8 panels can be installed in a single bank with flexible hose connectors joining the individual panels and the pipework at each end. End caps seal off the unused connectors. Standard swimming pool pipework with valves for winter isolation complete the installation. No insulation is necessary due to the system operating at close to ambient temperature

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