Indoor Swimming Pool Renovation

Indoor Swimming Pool RenovationYour indoor swimming pool may be in need of renovation or repair due to age, damage from poor or insufficient maintenance, or upgrades to bring the pool in line with developments in technology. The kind of work you have done will depend on the current state of the pool, and how you plan to use it in the future.

Swimming pools which have not been well maintained or which haven’t been used for some time should be thoroughly checked by a professional to ensure they are fit for purpose. There may be damage or cracks to the liner of the pool which are hard to spot for untrained eyes, but which would become dangerous over time. If this is the case, you may need repairs to the structure of the pool to ensure its safety and make sure it remains watertight. If the shell is damaged beyond repair, you could even have a new pool liner inserted into the existing excavation.

Damaged or cracked tiles within the pool and around the pool coping can be dangerous for swimmers and form a potential breeding ground for bacteria as well as looking unsightly. Give your swimming pool surrounds a fresh look by replacing the tiling or having new coping stones fitted, or simply go for a deep clean and make your existing surround look as good as new. Similarly, if the walls and floor of your pool are looking aged or discoloured, you could use one of a range of products to brighten and strengthen the finish on the inside of the swimming pool.

You should be regularly servicing your heater and pool filter, but if these become old, outdated or damaged, these elements and their associated wiring and plumbing may need to become part of your refurbishment project. There are a variety of cost effective energy saving options available on the market, so you could update your pool with the latest in swimming pool technology.

Of course, renovations and refurbishments don’t always have to be for repairing damaged pools. Even if your swimming pool is functioning well currently, with advances in technology and new equipment becoming available, why not bring your swimming pool into the 21st century by investing in some modern features to enhance your swimming experience? For the serious swimmer, our swimming pool fitness options of a counter current unit, will provide a useful way to train and maintain fitness levels. If you’re more concerned with keeping your pool looking stylish and contemporary, how about upgrading your lighting, fitting an automated cover or treating yourself to a luxury tiled surround?

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