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A swimming pool cover is an essential piece of equipment for a UK pool, it can make up to more than 10% of the cost of a swimming pool installation.

There are a variety of covers available on the market to suit your various needs. A pool cover at its most basic specification will retain heat in your pool water making it more efficient.

Another benefit to a swimming pool cover is that it will block the sun’s UV rays from burning off the chlorine in your pool which would result in a green pool full of algae. Lastly a swimming pool cover protects your pool from debris. Leaves and dust will land on the cover which can easily cleared off instead of having to clean the pool using a pool vacuum.

Each of the different types of cover have added benefits which you will be able to see below:

Solar Bubble Cover

A solar bubble cover is the most cost-efficient covers available. As the name suggests the solar bubble cover will harness the sun’s rays to help heat the pool.

A solar bubble cover will float on the surface of the pool, it is removed by a swimming pool cover reel. This reel will sit at the end of the pool and is heavy enough to be stable. If you want to be able to move the reel then there is the option for one with casters.

Swimming Pool Solar Cover
A solar bubble cover

Safety Cover

A safety cover, as the name suggests will keep you pool locked tight. Safety covers are designed to completely encapsulate the pool to stop anything or anyone falling into the pool accidentally. The material used is so strong that you can even walk across it without a problem. The material runs on tracks that can either be hidden in the edge of the pool or installed on the surface behind the coping stones.

Swimming Pool Safety Cover
Swimming pool with a safety cover

Slatted Cover

Slatted covers are probably the most stylish option available to pool owners. The cover can be integrated into your pool or can be built into a pit at the deep end of the pool. Slatted covers are typically automatically operated and can be opened and closed using a remote control.

Slatted covers float on the surface of the water and can hold a considerable weight so that animals or people do not fall through into the pool.

Slats can also come with a solar property in order to heat the pool.

Swimming Pool Solar Slatted Cover
A slatted swimming pool cover

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