Rollo Covers, Can you ‘STAND’ them?

We can! In fact we can stand on them..literally! Compass Rollo covers are integrated slatted covers that are designed for maximum energy efficiency and overall safety for the whole family. The safety cover easily rolls across the pools surface at the touch of a button. Once unrolled they are designed to withstand the weight of a small pet, child or even an adult!

So what about the functionality of a Rollo Cover? The clever slat design of a Rollo Cover allows for optimal thermal storage which warms the swimming pool water by 4 to 8 °C during the day (depending on the season and geographical location). At night when the air cools your pool will have maximum insulation reducing evaporation and heat loss. They are installed out of sight making the look very slick. Below is a picture of the internal workings:

Rollo Cover internal Mechanism

Swimming pool covers are a must for any outdoor pool owner, just about anything can end up in a pool which makes it so important to have it covered when its not being used! With a Compass Rollo cover you are getting coverage, temperature efficiency and a brilliant safety feature preventing accidents. Take a look to see the proof for yourself with this official Compass Europe Rollo Cover demonstration below:

Rollo Cover can be installed on the following models:

  • XL-Trainer 90, 110, 110FB and XXL-Trainer 133
  • XL-Java 114, XL-Briliant 88 and XL-Fast lane 122

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