The Size of Fibreglass, One-Piece Swimming Pools

A common exception people have with one-piece swimming pools is the size limitation of the pools manufactured. Prospective owners are concerned that the size of the pool will not be big enough to accommodate their needs. Having installed 100s of swimming pools across Kent we understand this concern. No one wants to make a large investment such as a swimming pool and find it isn’t the right size.

The largest one-piece pool we supply is the Compass XL-Trainer 133 which measures 13.3m x 4.5m, but the most popular option we supply is the Compass XL-Trainer110 measuring in at 11m x 4m. Based on a considerable amount of time in the industry we are confident that this size is perfect for 99% of our clients.

It is always a temptation to build a swimming pool as large as possible to give you flexibility for the future, however, the biggest issue here is that the larger the pool the more expensive it is to run and maintain. This is especially true when you consider concrete and liner pools cost more to maintain than one-piece pools.

The Width of a One-Piece Pool

Another concern is the width of the pool. 4m may seem thin, however, 4m is typically more than sufficient and will even allow for two adults to swim laps side by side without a problem. We often see customers string out the shape of the pool on their lawn. This is a great way to see how the pool will look in the space, but it will always look smaller due to the lack of depth.

We highly recommend that anyone who is potentially concerned about the size of a one-piece swimming pool to request a viewing of a pool already installed. We find that many customers are surprised about the size of the pool in the real world.

To request a free on-site demonstration and request a viewing of some of our work, contact one of our consultants today who will be happy to help.

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