One-Piece Ceramic Fibreglass Swimming Pools

No two one-piece swimming pools are made the same. That can certainly be said for our chosen supplier for one piece pools: Compass. Compass Pools are the leading specialist in the design of one-piece swimming pools. One-piece swimming pools are growing rapidly in popularity in the UK thanks to their superb quality durability and low maintenance costs.

Compass pools are unique in their value proposition, due to their patented ceramic layer within the fibreglass pool shells. Ceramic pools have a range of advantages over traditional fibreglass shell pools.

Swimming pools are much easier to heat as ceramic is an insulator. This insulation layer will help you save money on your heating bill as well as ensuring your pool is heated as quickly as possible.

A further result of the ceramic core within the Compass Pool shell is that the pool is very resilient to ground movement. Compass Pools carry a warranty for 50 years against leaks through the shell, which is unprecedented in the swimming pool industry.

Fibreglass One-Piece Pools Have a Lower Cost to Run

In a traditional concrete swimming pool the grouting for tiles increases the amount of space for bacteria to grow and thrive. This means concrete pools usually need a higher concentration of chemicals. Concrete pools also typically require more cleaning in order to remove the bacteria. On a fibreglass one-piece pool there are no grout lines or issues with the pool shell becoming pervious to bacteria and therefore a reduced amount of chemical is required in your swimming pool to maintain a proper balance.

Due to ground movement and wear and tear, traditional swimming pool installation methods start to look tired over time. With fibreglass one-piece pools the finish is very hard-wearing and will stand the test of time. This means your pool will look stunning, just like the day you got it.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Design with Waterfall

Reasons to Choose a Fibreglass One-Piece Pool

Speedy Installation

Long Warranty

Low Running Cost


Swimming Pool Cost Comparison

Below we have outlined some estimative costs to run a swimming pool over 10 years. These figures are an average of pool ownership across the three main installation methods.

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