Swimming Pool Construction and Trees: 5 Common Questions

Outdoor One-Piece Swimming PoolWith our business being based in Kent, the garden of England you wouldn’t be surprised to hear we have to deal with a lot of trees in the gardens where a pool is proposed to be installed. In this blog we will explore the various scenarios we have seen over the years and what should be done about them.

In this blog we will cover:


  • Can tree roots damage my Swimming Pool?
  • Should I remove all trees from around my pool?
  • How close to a tree can a pool be installed?
  • Can I remove a tree after my pool has been installed?
  • Can I leave a tree stump in the area of the pool?

Can tree roots damage my Swimming Pool?

Whilst tree roots can damage pools, a one-piece pool and concrete pool are typically unaffected by tree roots due to the thick concrete surrounding the pool which stops tree roots from growing into the pool area. A liner pool will be susceptible to damage however. It is well worth noting that your pool surround could show damage from roots over time. A rule of thumb is to try and stay six feet away from the trunk of a surrounding tree with the pool surround.


Should I remove all trees from around my pool?

First impulse of many customers is to remove as many trees as possible around the pool in fear of leaf droppage and potential root damage. The answer here is to take into account what trees you have and what they will be dropping. Trees that drop seeds and nuts should definitely not be around your pool however a leaf dropping tree may not present as much of a problem as you may think as most will drop around the same time you will be closing your pool for the winter.

The other point to consider is the shade the tree will impact on your pool area. Not many people want to be swimming in the cold shade of a tree and prefer to have you pool area get as much sun as possible. Sun also helps you heat your pool especially if you have a solar gain cover.


How close to a tree can a pool be installed?

If you imagine a cross section of a tree the top of the tree looks very similar to what is underground. Therefore it is best to stay outside of the footplan of the tree as best possible. If this proves to be impossible it is best to stay within 15 feet of the tree stump.


Can I remove a tree after my pool has been installed?

Simple answer is yes. The downside is that it is likely to be more expensive than doing it before the installation of your pool as the tree surgeon you empoy will need to work around the pool. You also risk damage to the pool surround and the pool itself.


Can I leave a tree stump in the area of the pool?

Tree stumps should be removed completely if they are located in the footprint of your pool or surround. The issue is that the tree stump will eventually decay and leave a void in the ground which will eventually subside and cause major problems for your pool surround.

If you have a leafy garden and looking to have a pool installed you might be interested in getting a site survey by one of our professional team. You might also be interested in reading our installation guide which will outline all of the stages in a swimming pool build.

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