Indoor Swimming Pool Installation


Indoor Swimming Pool Installation

The process for constructing an indoor swimming pool varies depending on whether you are having the pool placed in an existing building, or having a new pool building constructed. If it’s a new construction, this is actually built alongside the swimming pool so that the two projects run simultaneously. It can be quite complex to install a swimming pool in an existing building, as there may be extra preparation work such as underpinning, or difficulties with access.

If you have a building contractor you are working with for the construction of the new pool building, usually they will do a lot of the preparation work: clearing the site, establishing access routes from the road and carrying out the excavations and ground works. Once the foundations are in place, the pool shell can be inserted by us before the building walls and roof are completed around the pool. Finally, the plumbing and wiring work for the pool and the plant room is done by us, before the fitting of coping stones and the pool surround. There are many variables on each pool construction project, so the final cost and time taken will be dependent on the individual circumstances, and any special features you may have selected. As a guide to timescales, a large indoor swimming pool, with a new pool building being constructed around the pool itself, may take around 25 weeks to be completed, from initial consultation to handover.

To find out more about the cost of swimming pool installation we have prepared a full article detailing the various cost implications involved in our resources section.

For an in-depth account of all the stages involved with constructing an indoor swimming pool, and what you can expect during the process, take a look at our guide to swimming pool construction.

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