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Swimming Pool Heating

There are essentially two different types pool heating systems, primary and secondary.  A primary system is a system where the home owner sets thermostatic controls at their desired temperature (typically between 22°C and 30°C), and the heating system will, as long as it was correctly sized, specified and installed, operate up to and until the water reaches that desired set temperature, irrespective of external factors like the ambient temperature, the weather, amount of sunshine etc, and then maintains it at that temperature, again, irrespective of any outside influences.  A secondary system will raise the water temperature, but is dependent on outside factors which will impact its performance, such as the

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Pool Hall Construction Considerations

If a swimming pool is to be used throughout the year the  structure placed over a it must conform to Building Regulations Part L (Conservation of Fuel & Power, Approved Document L1B). If the structure does not conform, then heating systems will not be permitted to heat that structure. Heating the water will be permitted. However as the ambient external temperature drops and with it the internal temperature, condensation will be formed by the difference in temperature between the water and air. Fogging will occur to the extent that visibility will be almost nil and the bathers will be cold when the are out of the water. In effect bathing

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A Touch of Luxury

Swimming Pool Cover

A Touch of Luxury There’s no two ways about it, having a swimming pool installed in your home is often an expensive business. For many, just the thought of having their own home swimming pool in the first place is a lifetime dream. Some people however, for whom money is no object, will go to extraordinary lengths in achieving their dream pool. Spas, jets, mosaic tiling, professional standard flow machines, automatic covers, infinity edges; these are all special optional features of swimming pools you might like to consider when finalising your design. But have you ever thought of having a swimming pool that transforms into a ballroom or dining hall

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About XL Pools

XL Pools are a team of dedicated professionals who have built a reputation for outstanding swimming pool design and construction. We are the leading suppliers and installers of Compass Pools.


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XL Pools is an award winning Swimming Pool Installation company.

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