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Indoor Pool Design Considerations

Pool tied to building. Often architects specifying indoor pools will place the pool hard up against one wall with the wall of the building running into the pool. While aesthetically pleasing this opens up a can of worms with regards to the integrity of the pool structure. Settling of the foundations or movement in the building can result in water loss from the pool shell due to the stress involved. It is also impossible to access any services located behind this wall, for example pool lights, return inlets etc. The recommended method in this instance is to locate the pool 350mm from the building that is enough for a coping

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Outdoor Pool Design Considerations

Outdoor Swimming Pool With Enclosure

Any of the pool construction methods described in the previous article can be utilised to build an outdoor pool. Outdoor pools do have their own particular design considerations which you need to be aware of, including but not limited to…  Proximity to the house. How close is the pool to be to the house for changing and showering facilities?  If the pool is to be used for extended periods of the year, a relatively close proximity to the house is desirable in order to minimise the walk from the pool back to the house in the cold. If the pool is to be located some distance away, think about the

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Ground Conditions & Ground Water Handling

One common factor in relation to the proper installation of all pool shells is dealing with groundwater. If the groundwater pressure builds up the shell of the pool will be at risk unless the pressure is relieved. Battleships were made of steel, weighed thousands of tons and floated. If the pressure is greater than the water and the weight of the concrete or fibreglass shell, it could lift or float the shell. In concrete pools not only should a hydrostatic relief valve be fitted in the lowest point but also the drainage under and around the structure should be such that the water can easily gravitate to the deepest point

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Pool Construction Types

Outdoor Concrete Pool Design

Pool Shell Construction Methods – Differences, Advantages & Drawbacks There are essentially five types of pool shell; those erected above ground; the concrete, the liner, the ceramic modular, and the stainless steel. Most domestic pools are of the ‘freeboard’ design. That is to say that the water level is approximately 150mm below the level of the pool deck or 50-100mm in the case of a compass design line. Surface water draw-off is via a number of surface water skimmers (quantity dependent on overall volume of pool) set into the pool wall at finished water level. A skimmer is connected to the pool’s filtration plant and is under suction from the

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Preliminary Questions to Ask in a Pool Build.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Design with Waterfall

Before the designer can start work on a pool design, there is some information which is essential and, generally, can only come from the end user. What is the pool to be used for?         Swimming up and down for exercise?         Kids Play?         Aerobics?         Wallowing?         Recreation? All these will have an impact on the shape and size of the pool. Where is it to be sited? When deciding on the site of an outdoor pool, facing south to maximise exposure to the sun is usually the best option. However take into consideration shadows and the time of day the pool is to be used. Many people think that trees are a

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Saltwater Swimming Pools – An Alternative To Chlorine


Saltwater Swimming Pools – An Alternative To Chlorine If you’re looking for a home swimming experience with a difference, why not consider a saltwater pool? Saltwater swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular in the UK due to the numerous benefits of swimming in water which hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals. Swimming in saltwater is known to be helpful for a number of physical ailments, as well as aiding emotional wellbeing. The benefits are in fact so highly thought of that thalassotherapy, or sea water therapy, is now an extremely popular treatment at many spas and healing centres. Typical swimming pools use chlorine to clean and disinfect the pool and

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Modern Trends In Swimming Pool Design

Just as a home swimming pool is no longer a luxury reserved exclusively for the super-rich and famous, swimming pools themselves are breaking more and more boundaries in terms of style and design. Gone are the days of being limited to basic rectangular or kidney shaped pools. Modern swimming pool design trends include some exciting innovations in design, allowing homeowners to build the pool of their dreams. Whether you want a statement pool that screams for attention and acts as the focal point for your property, or you’re looking for something sleek and minimalist to blend seamlessly into its environment, your dreams can become a reality thanks to forward-looking pool

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What Is The Recommended Indoor Swimming Pool Water Temperature?

Deciding on an appropriate water temperature for your indoor swimming pool is partly a matter of personal preference, combined with consideration for how the pool will be used and bearing in mind water hygiene issues. There’s no definitive ‘correct’ temperature, as it is dependent on so many varying factors. It’s generally thought that the warmer the water temperature, the more comfortable the experience for the swimmers, but this isn’t necessarily always the case. If the pool is to be used for fitness swimming or training, it may be more pleasant to have the water cooler than you might if it’s a relaxation pool, or if there are very young childrenRead more

Creating The Right Environment For Your Indoor Swimming Pool Room

Once you’ve decided on the type and structure of the swimming pool of your dreams, you’ll need to think about the pool room itself. This is important because not only does the room need to look good to match your aesthetic aspirations for your indoor swimming pool, it also needs to function correctly to keep the structure and air safe and healthy for pool users. Effective air handling is the key to managing the air temperature and the humidity inside your pool room, essential in preventing condensation and maintaining a pleasant environment. Modern air handling units can often be multifunctional, performing the task of dehumidifying the air in the pool

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Designing Your Swimming Pool With Safety In Mind

Outdoor Liner Pool

Designing Your Swimming Pool With Safety In Mind When you think about it, there’s lots more to being safe around a pool than simply reminding swimmers not to run, and ensuring everyone wears sunscreen. If you’re a safety-conscious pool owner, and you have the luxury of being involved in the design of your swimming pool from the very beginning, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that you and your fellow swimmers have a safe and enjoyable pool experience. Surfaces Consider the type of tiles or coping stones you’ll be using around the exterior of your pool. Remember that these will often be wet when the swimming

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