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XL Scoops Top Pool Design Awards

‘Only the ‘Best of the Best’ win a British Pool & Hot Tub Award’ this is clearly demonstrated by the winners of this most prestigious awards event held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The combined swimming pool, spa, hot tub and wellness industry attracts entries from companies across Britain (and some from overseas). These national awards bring together members from SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) and BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) to celebrate the achievements and acknowledge the best, boldest and most creative projects. Award-Winning Designs With ‘Oscar-Esque’ status in the Water Leisure Industry, the 2020 British Pool & Hot Tub Award winners

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How to Improve the Look of Your Pool Surround

Swimming Pool Surround

The winter is by far the best time to start some repairs and maintenance to your pool surround. If your patio is looking tired and growing weeds and moss in-between and on the slabs then you can really make a big difference with a little elbow grease! Taking pride in your pool surround not only keeps it from further damage, staining and costly repairs, it will totally transform the look of you pool area making it much more inviting for you and guests. Pressure wash your pool surround One thing that will drastically improve the look of any pool surround is to pressure wash your paving. Over time your pool

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Winter is the best time for a pool installation or renovation. Here’s Why…

Indoor Swimming Pool Construction

With the cold weather due to be setting in, it might seem an odd time to start thinking about having a swimming pool installed. Talk to any swimming pool installer, however, and you’ll hear that winter is the perfect time to start planning, and construct your pool. Logistically, there’s not really a right or wrong time, but you’ll find that by starting the process off during the off-peak season, there are plenty of benefits you might not have considered. All In The Preparation As with any building project, be it a swimming pool, an extension or a whole house, proper planning and preparation is absolutely essential. The more time you spend

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Outdoor Pool or Indoor Pool – Which One Is Best?

Swimming Pool Enclosure

Swimming pools are great for all kinds of activities. The kids can play in the pool during the summer months and you can swim laps to keep fit and burn some extra calories after a heavy weekend of drinking beer and eating barbecue. But as fantastic as an outdoor pool can be, come the winter it becomes fairly redundant unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere near the equator and the temperature rarely dips below 20 degrees Celsius. So would you be better off investing in an indoor pool, or is it possible to have the best of both worlds? The Advantages of an Outdoor Pool Outdoor swimming pools

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How to Plan a Kid’s Pool Party

Pool Party

Swimming pools are tremendous fun. When the sun is beating down and the mercury is hitting 30 degrees, nothing beats an afternoon spent by the pool while the kids play games in the water and burn off some of their excess energy. Swimming pools are also very useful if one of your kids has a birthday in the summer – instead of paying a fortune for your child and his or her friends to visit a play barn for the afternoon, you can host a pool party instead. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well pool parties are fun, but you do need to plan them carefully, so if you have recently

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Money Saving Tips for Swimming Pools

Swimming pool With Enclosure

A swimming pool can be a great inspiration for a household to be more water-wise and energy efficient. As a responsible pool owner you should look to adapt some simple eco tactics that can help minimize your environmental impact. Today we are going to look at some simple eco-friendly pool tips that can help save you thousands. With water restrictions now in place throughout most of the UK it’s important we look to other methods of filling our pools. The rain water diverter can be purchased from as little as £100, plug straight into your down pipe and is a great way of harvesting water that would otherwise just pour straight

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10 Swimming Pools You Should Have On Your Bucket List

We’ve looked at a lot of swimming pools in our time. They come in all shapes, sizes and design, but every once in a while you see a swimming pool that just blows you away. Here is our list of some of the top pools we think should be included in everyone bucket list to go swim in! 1. San Alfonso del Mar, Chile The San Alfonso del Mar is currently the largest crystalline water pool. The pool holds more than 250 million liters of water and stretches for over a kilometer, covering 8 hectares. It’s so large, you can even rent sail boats to ride in the pool. 2. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

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MagnaPools – Non-Chlorinated, Non-Saltwater Pools!

Zodiac Magnapool

If you like the idea of swimming in a non-chlorinated pool, but you’re not keen on traditional saltwater swimming, a MagnaPool is the perfect solution for you. The MagnaPool system provides an environmentally friendly and healthy way to enjoy swimming in your home pool. The water in a MagnaPool is a special therapeutic blend of natural ocean minerals, specifically magnesium and potassium chloride. These minerals are absorbed through the skin, and are said to provide multiple benefits including the reduction of stress, anxiety, aches and pains. To add to MagnaPool’s environmental credentials, the special filtration system saves on your backwash water consumption, and when diluted this water can also be

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Why Consider A Swimming Pool For Your Holiday Let?

It’s becoming more and more common for holiday cottages and other vacation properties to include use of a private swimming pool. If your holiday home is abroad, it’s virtually standard procedure to have an outdoor swimming pool on the property, however it’s increasingly common for holiday lets in the UK to have a swimming pool too, whether it be outdoors and therefore weather-dependent, or as an indoor pool. There are many reasons holiday makers might choose to rent a property offering access to a swimming pool over one that doesn’t. Lots of people prefer to swim in a pool rather than the sea, for reasons of hygiene and safety, so

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Not For The Faint-Hearted – Swimming Outdoors In Winter

Now that the clocks have gone back and British Wintertime is officially upon us, most outdoor pool owners in the UK will be thinking about winterising their pools, or else they’ll have done so already. What if you don’t want to, though? After all, a pool is a big investment, and it’s a shame that you’re not using it for several months of the year. Many people choose not to use their pool during the winter months purely because the thought of swimming outside during cold, wet weather is simply not appealing. For some, however, swimming in the brisk fresh air is an invigorating, energising and thrilling experience. It is

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