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How to Improve the Look of Your Pool Surround

Swimming Pool Surround

The winter is by far the best time to start some repairs and maintenance to your pool surround. If your patio is looking tired and growing weeds and moss in-between and on the slabs then you can really make a big difference with a little elbow grease! Taking pride in your pool surround not only keeps it from further damage, staining and costly repairs, it will totally transform the look of you pool area making it much more inviting for you and guests. Pressure wash your pool surround One thing that will drastically improve the look of any pool surround is to pressure wash your paving. Over time your pool

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What is involved in a Winter Shutdown?

This is a question that is frequently asked to us by our customers, particularly those new to the pool world. Unfortunately, it’s rarely as easy as turning off a switch and leaving the pool over winter. In order to properly put your pool to bed for the winter, there are a few steps to undertake, to ensure your pool will not sustain any (preventable) damage. A Final Clean A final clean of your pool is always going to be beneficial. Removing any debris in the pool as well as ensuring the water is clear, will make the difference upon opening the pool again in the spring. If your pool is

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The Careful Balancing Act of Pool Sanitation

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Maintaining the correct water chemistry is important for a few reasons. Firstly it keeps the water looking good, nice and clear and sparkling. Secondly it prolongs the life of the filter, the chlorinator and the pump and can also prolong the life of the surface of the pool. Thirdly it’s for bather comfort, a high PH or a high chlorine level can irritate the skin or the eyes. There are three simple ways to test the water.  Firstly and possibly the least accurate would be to use a testing strip. Secondly there a simple drop test, every test kit is going to have its own instruction manual inside. It’s very

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Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

With the warm weather upon us now this is the time of year you should be enjoying your pool the most. Today we are going to give you a few pointers on how to deal with the peak of the season, including a few tips on what to do when you encounter hot days, increased pool loads, storms and also what` to do when you go on holiday. The most important thing you can do for your pool during the peak of the summer is pay more attention to it. In particular, the way it looks. If its dirty, the water has gone cloudy or its starting to change colour

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Top Reasons to Renovate Your Pool

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Like most things, a swimming pool needs regular care and maintenance to keep it in good condition, and even then it won’t last forever. Investing in good quality equipment and employing a reputable company to build the pool for you may prolong its life, but at some point it will need to be renovated or even replaced completely. There are many reasons you might consider renovating your home swimming pool, whether that’s a simple face-lift to improve the appearance of the existing pool, or more radical changes. Pool Is Damaged Or In Need Of Repair If your existing pool is looking a little the worse for wear, you might consider

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Common Pool Renovation Mistakes

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Is your swimming pool looking a bit tired or shabby and in need of some tlc? Perhaps you’ve acquired a pool with your new house and want to give it your own style? Maybe you want to upgrade your existing swimming pool to take advantage of developments in pool technology and energy efficiency? Whatever your reasons, renovating a swimming pool can be a fantastic decision in many respects. It pays to plan carefully, however, and avoid these common and potentially costly mistakes which could turn your renovation from dream to disaster. Timing Is Everything We’ve already talked about why winter is the best time to build a swimming pool or

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Three Simple Ways To Reduce The Work Of Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

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If you use your pool regularly and want to ensure your swimming pool water is clean, hygenic and enjoyable to swim in, you’ll need to follow a regular cleaning and maintenance routine. There’ s lots of information online about how and when to carry out various tasks, all of which need to be done regularly, whether you have an indoor or an outdoor swimming pool. If your budget allows for it, and you like the idea of reducing some of the manual work involved in cleaning your pool, you could invest in an automatic swimming pool cleaner, which will do some of the hard work for you. Whether you go

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How Do I Reduce My Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs?

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Having a swimming pool is never a cheap option, and as well as the initial outlay for designing, building and swimming pool installation, you’ll also have an ongoing commitment to finance the running and maintenance costs. There are things you can do to help to keep those expenses down, with a bit of careful planning, so that the ongoing annual cost of having a home swimming pool is not as high as you might think. For the purposes of this article, we are going to be discussing how to reduce the maintenance costs of a home pool, as separate from the running costs of heating and lighting etc. Swimming pool

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Preparing Your Pool For Winter: Check Your Levels

Before you position your winter cover on your outdoor swimming pool and fully close it down for the cold season, you should always prepare the pool water properly. You are aim to create as sterile an environment as possible so minimise the growth of algae and bacteria. In addition to this, you’ll need to lower the water level, so that any rain water that gets in can’t overfill the pool and cause frost damage to your copings. Here’s our simple guide to the basics: Chlorine and Algaecide Levels After you’ve cleaned the pool thoroughly, removing any visible debris, emptying leaf collectors and clearing the filter, check your existing water pH

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Preparing Your Pool For Winter: Your Winter Pool Cover

In last week’s post, we covered how to begin preparing your swimming pool for the winter. If you have an outdoor pool you’ll need to starting thinking about this pretty soon – we’re forecast a few more weeks of sunshine, but by early October it’ll definitely be time to begin closing down. The final step in winterising your pool is to make sure it’s covered appropriately. Protect Your Pool Through The Winter If your outdoor swimming pool isn’t going to be used over the winter you’ll need to make sure your pool cover is appropriate for keeping it well protected. A winter pool cover is more heavy-duty than a summer

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