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Could You Swim for Charity?

There are a million and one ways to do something sporty and raise money for charity. You could climb Kilimanjaro, complete an Ironman triathlon, or cycle across the States like Pippa Middleton. However humongous challenges such as these require a great deal of training, cash, and time off work, so for the average person with a demanding job and very little disposable income, they simply aren’t doable. So if you have a burning desire to do something physically taxing in the name of charity, then why not complete a distance swim for charity? A Tough Challenge Swimming for charity is harder than you might think. Obviously if you can’t swim

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Exercises In The Pool: Swimming For Fitness – Vary Your Stroke

In the last few blog posts we’ve focused on aqua aerobics and how you can use specific exercise routines to work on particular areas of your body such as your arms, legs and abdominal muscles. If there’s not a class available for you to join or you’d rather just use a pool for traditional swimming, there are still ways you can adapt your session to tone certain muscles and lose weight simply by swimming laps or lengths. Swimming is a fantastic all-round form of exercise: it boosts your mood, helps you to keep your heart and lungs working well, can be used to control weight and fitness, and is gentle

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Exercises In The Pool: Tips For An Effective Water Workout

Water aerobics is easy, accessible and suitable for all. Exercising in the water is great for your muscles, gentle on your joints, will get your heart pumping and your lungs working to capacity, as well as being a fabulous mood booster. Follow our tips to get an effective aqua workout every time: Warm Up and Cool Down Like every other kind of exercise, it’s important to warm up properly before beginning any intensive workout. You’ll raise the temperature of your body and ease your joints and muscles into activity without shocking your body. Warming up for aqua aerobics also gives you a chance to get used to the buoyancy of

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Exercises In The Pool: Make The Most Of Your Water Workout With Simple Equipment

Like a lot of forms of exercise, it’s easy to work out in the pool without any special equipment, training or experience. Follow a simple routine either on your own or in a group and gradually your strength and stamina will improve and you’ll find yourself able to exercise harder, for longer. Aqua aerobics is a realistic and accessible way of exercising for everyone who has access to a swimming pool. There are, however, a few things you can do to make sure you get the most benefit from your water aerobics session, as well as some some simple pieces of equipment you might like to invest in, if you’re

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Exercises In The Pool: Burn Fat Faster With Water Aerobics

Exercising in a swimming pool is a great way to get an all-round workout: the water provides support, resistance and buoyancy, enabling you to work harder without putting any extra strain on your joints. You’ll actually burn a higher level of calories in a shorter amount of time with an aqua aerobics workout than you might with traditional aerobics. We’ve focused on some specific exercise routines you can do if you want to target and tone up the muscles in particular areas of your body, such as your tummy, arms or legs. If you just want to get a good general workout, and perhaps lose some weight, cardio is the

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Exercises In The Pool: Exercises For Strong Leg Muscles

Doing leg exercises in the swimming pool is a great way to tone up, especially if you have joint problems, as it’s low impact the whole time, unlike jogging, jumping or stepping in traditional aerobics routines. The water provides support for your body and extra resistance, not to mention helping to keep you cool. Show off your beautifully trim and toned legs in shorts or skirts this summer, and keep them in shape by adding a few simple exercises to your regular aerobics routine, or do them as a warm up before you go for a swim. You can also try these exercises with ankle weights if you want to

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Exercises In The Pool: Arm Exercises To Tone And Strengthen

It’s common to find exercises targeting the arms in any aerobics routine, but with water aerobics you’ll find you’re able to complete a broader range of exercises, and achieve things that you may not have the strength to do at the gym! The water provides a resistance which means you’re able to do work your muscles without a high impact, as you might get with a punching bag, for example. You can do any of these exercises either with or without weights, depending on the intensity of your workout. Here are a few simple exercises you can do in the pool if you want to target your arms – to

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Exercises In The Pool: Tummy Toning Routines

Once you’ve got to grips with the idea of doing exercises in the pool other than simply swimming, it’s surprisingly easy to fit in short routines which will make a difference to specific areas of your body. You could combine these with your usual swimming session, or incorporate them into a full work-out if you prefer. The stomach and abdominal muscles are an area of concern for lots of people. Maybe you want to look good in your swimsuit on the beach, lose a bit of weight after over-indulging at all those summer barbecues, or tone up after having a baby. Here are a few short and simple exercises you

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Exercises In The Pool: Energise And Refresh Your Body And Mind With Water Aerobics

Lots of people use their swimming pools as a way of keeping fit, either by swimming lengths, or swimming against a current provided by a counter swim jet. Whether you’re lucky enough to have your own pool at home or you visit a swimming pool at a gym or leisure centre, there are lots of ways you can exercise in the water and find a new way to lose weight, tone up, strengthen muscles and improve your lung capacity. Over the coming weeks we’re going to look at a variety of exercises you can easily do in the pool, to inspire you to make the most of this lovely weather,

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