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Swimming Pool Installations FAQ

One Piece Swimming Pool Installation

Having a new swimming pool is an expensive and potentially disruptive time. Essentially, swimming pool installation is quite a major construction project taking place in your home, so you have to expect some noise and mess while it is being carried out. Having said this, you pool installation team should make sure you’re fully informed prior to commencing work, so you know what to expect and when. They’ll aim to minimise disruption to the rest of your property, and carry out the installation with as little fuss as possible. Naturally, you will have questions about the installation process. All pool contractors and building companies will work in a slightly different

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MagnaPools – Non-Chlorinated, Non-Saltwater Pools!

Zodiac Magnapool

If you like the idea of swimming in a non-chlorinated pool, but you’re not keen on traditional saltwater swimming, a MagnaPool is the perfect solution for you. The MagnaPool system provides an environmentally friendly and healthy way to enjoy swimming in your home pool. The water in a MagnaPool is a special therapeutic blend of natural ocean minerals, specifically magnesium and potassium chloride. These minerals are absorbed through the skin, and are said to provide multiple benefits including the reduction of stress, anxiety, aches and pains. To add to MagnaPool’s environmental credentials, the special filtration system saves on your backwash water consumption, and when diluted this water can also be

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Customise Your One Piece Swimming Pool

One piece swimming pools are constructed using a mold, so they are typically available in a range of predetermined sizes and shapes. This doesn’t mean that all one piece pools are the same though – far from it – there is a huge amount of customisation possible meaning your pool can be a truly unique design. The shapes available for one piece pools vary considerably, from uniform straight edges to contemporary curves. Pools can be constant in depth, or have a deep and a shallow end, depending on your need. You can also design your one piece pool to have integrated steps rather than a ladder, for ease of entry

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Babies In Swimming Pools – The Benefits

Swimming with your baby is a great way to have fun, get some exercise and get them used to being in the water from an early age. There are many benefits for both you and your baby: Teaching Water Safety Your child will learn how to swim to the side of the pool, hold on, and eventually, to climb out. Drowning is the third most common cause of accidental death in children under 5, and learning these safety skills really could save their life. Physical Health Swimming provides a complete workout for babies, children and adults alike, working the heart, lungs and muscles to build strength and coordination. Emotional Well-being

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Why Consider A Swimming Pool For Your Holiday Let?

It’s becoming more and more common for holiday cottages and other vacation properties to include use of a private swimming pool. If your holiday home is abroad, it’s virtually standard procedure to have an outdoor swimming pool on the property, however it’s increasingly common for holiday lets in the UK to have a swimming pool too, whether it be outdoors and therefore weather-dependent, or as an indoor pool. There are many reasons holiday makers might choose to rent a property offering access to a swimming pool over one that doesn’t. Lots of people prefer to swim in a pool rather than the sea, for reasons of hygiene and safety, so

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Saltwater Swimming Pools – An Alternative To Chlorine


Saltwater Swimming Pools – An Alternative To Chlorine If you’re looking for a home swimming experience with a difference, why not consider a saltwater pool? Saltwater swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular in the UK due to the numerous benefits of swimming in water which hasn’t been treated with harsh chemicals. Swimming in saltwater is known to be helpful for a number of physical ailments, as well as aiding emotional wellbeing. The benefits are in fact so highly thought of that thalassotherapy, or sea water therapy, is now an extremely popular treatment at many spas and healing centres. Typical swimming pools use chlorine to clean and disinfect the pool and

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How Long Does It Take To Install An Outdoor Swimming Pool?

Outdoor One Piece Swimming Pool Installation

An outdoor swimming pool can be relatively quick and simple to install when compared to an indoor pool. It’s still often a long and messy process, but the added complication of a building is taken out of the equation! The amount of time it will take to construct and install your outdoor pool will depend on a number of factors, including the size and type of pool you have chosen, the location and layout of the pool site and whether there is easy access for the construction team and all their equipment. The first step in swimming pool construction is to clear the area and establish an access route from

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How Do I Reduce My Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs?

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Having a swimming pool is never a cheap option, and as well as the initial outlay for designing, building and swimming pool installation, you’ll also have an ongoing commitment to finance the running and maintenance costs. There are things you can do to help to keep those expenses down, with a bit of careful planning, so that the ongoing annual cost of having a home swimming pool is not as high as you might think. For the purposes of this article, we are going to be discussing how to reduce the maintenance costs of a home pool, as separate from the running costs of heating and lighting etc. Swimming pool

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Not For The Faint-Hearted – Swimming Outdoors In Winter

Now that the clocks have gone back and British Wintertime is officially upon us, most outdoor pool owners in the UK will be thinking about winterising their pools, or else they’ll have done so already. What if you don’t want to, though? After all, a pool is a big investment, and it’s a shame that you’re not using it for several months of the year. Many people choose not to use their pool during the winter months purely because the thought of swimming outside during cold, wet weather is simply not appealing. For some, however, swimming in the brisk fresh air is an invigorating, energising and thrilling experience. It is

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One Piece Pools Versus Bespoke – Which Is Best For Me?

Outdoor One Piece Swimming Pool Installation

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a swimming pool for your property, you’ll be faced with a multitude of choices to make about the size, structure and appearance of your pool. Although there’s a huge amount of information out there, it can be a virtual minefield trying to navigate your way through and clarify exactly what you need to know. Here, we help you by summarising the key points to consider when you’re making one of the most fundamental first decisions, your swimming pool construction type. In the past, swimming pools were something only the super-rich could consider. Their concrete construction was expensive and time consuming to build.

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