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How to Create a Pool Maintenance Plan

Outdoor Swimming Pool Design with Waterfall

It’s the one thing pool owners all share, the maintenance of your pool. Creating and sticking to a consistent plan of attack will help eliminate stress and save money on pool chemicals. Treating your water MORE OFTEN means using LESS CHEMICALS. This might seem counterintuitive, but it makes sense if you understand two things: 1. It’s easier to maintain chemical levels than it is to correct them. Imagine riding a bike. It takes a lot of effort to get started, but once you’ve reached a certain speed, you can maintain it with a fraction of the strain. As long as you maintain the speed, you can go for a long

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Triple Gold, Pool of the Year & Contractor of the Year 2018

Tuesday 30th January was the date of this year’s British Pool & Hot Tub Awards, hosted by BISHTA and SPATA, held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. XL Pools put forward 6 entries in for an award. We are all very proud to announce that we collected three gold awards for: Residential Outdoor Pools £75,000 – £125,000 – Sellindge Project Residential Outdoor Pools £40,000 – £75,000 – Residential Indoor Pools under £100,000 – West Kingsdown Project We were also graced with the “Pool of the Year Award” as well as being awarded the prestigious Dick Millward Trophy for Pool Contractor of the Year for the second time (Previously in 2015) We faced stiff competition from other

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The Perfect Times to Open and Close your Pool.

That sad time of year when the weather just doesn’t look as appealing, least of all to be running out into the back garden in a pair of swimming trunks! So it’s time to close the pool right? Well let’s explore the perfect time to close you pool… and open it too! The time you close your pool is key to good water quality and the amount of time and money you spend getting it back to health come the spring. Many customers rely on the use of their pool to dictate the close down and importantly the opening of the pool which could be a mistake as a late

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The Future of Pool Cleaning

Zodiac Vortex Lift System

The future is now! Autonomous pool cleaners are not new to the market. In fact, some have been around for almost 30 years! Pool cleaning can, for many be a laborious task and almost anyone would like to leave it to someone (or something) else! There have been many forms of automatic cleaner in the past. Most of the older generation pool cleaners have been powered by the filter pump, attaching a long hose to the vacuum point and they move around the pool by use of a diaphragm. Later models like the Polaris came around which use a separate line connected to their own pump, this time pumping water

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Conserving Water That Your Swimming Pools Uses

Liner Swimming Pool

Many customers and new pool owners ask us how much water will having a swimming pool consume annually. The problem with answering this question accurately is that there are many variables from how often you will be using the pool to how often you backwash the pool. In a general situation a pool should not consume much water every year and should not amount to much on your annual water bill however if you are concerned about the amount of water you use then read below for some tips to conserve your water usage. Have your pool tested for leaks If you are concerned that your pool is emptying quicker

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How to Improve the Look of Your Pool Surround

Swimming Pool Surround

The winter is by far the best time to start some repairs and maintenance to your pool surround. If your patio is looking tired and growing weeds and moss in-between and on the slabs then you can really make a big difference with a little elbow grease! Taking pride in your pool surround not only keeps it from further damage, staining and costly repairs, it will totally transform the look of you pool area making it much more inviting for you and guests. Pressure wash your pool surround One thing that will drastically improve the look of any pool surround is to pressure wash your paving. Over time your pool

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Winter is the best time for a pool installation or renovation. Here’s Why…

Indoor Swimming Pool Construction

With the cold weather due to be setting in, it might seem an odd time to start thinking about having a swimming pool installed. Talk to any swimming pool installer, however, and you’ll hear that winter is the perfect time to start planning, and construct your pool. Logistically, there’s not really a right or wrong time, but you’ll find that by starting the process off during the off-peak season, there are plenty of benefits you might not have considered. All In The Preparation As with any building project, be it a swimming pool, an extension or a whole house, proper planning and preparation is absolutely essential. The more time you spend

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Outdoor Pool or Indoor Pool – Which One Is Best?

Swimming Pool Enclosure

Swimming pools are great for all kinds of activities. The kids can play in the pool during the summer months and you can swim laps to keep fit and burn some extra calories after a heavy weekend of drinking beer and eating barbecue. But as fantastic as an outdoor pool can be, come the winter it becomes fairly redundant unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere near the equator and the temperature rarely dips below 20 degrees Celsius. So would you be better off investing in an indoor pool, or is it possible to have the best of both worlds? The Advantages of an Outdoor Pool Outdoor swimming pools

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Could You Swim for Charity?

There are a million and one ways to do something sporty and raise money for charity. You could climb Kilimanjaro, complete an Ironman triathlon, or cycle across the States like Pippa Middleton. However humongous challenges such as these require a great deal of training, cash, and time off work, so for the average person with a demanding job and very little disposable income, they simply aren’t doable. So if you have a burning desire to do something physically taxing in the name of charity, then why not complete a distance swim for charity? A Tough Challenge Swimming for charity is harder than you might think. Obviously if you can’t swim

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How to Plan a Kid’s Pool Party

Pool Party

Swimming pools are tremendous fun. When the sun is beating down and the mercury is hitting 30 degrees, nothing beats an afternoon spent by the pool while the kids play games in the water and burn off some of their excess energy. Swimming pools are also very useful if one of your kids has a birthday in the summer – instead of paying a fortune for your child and his or her friends to visit a play barn for the afternoon, you can host a pool party instead. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well pool parties are fun, but you do need to plan them carefully, so if you have recently

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