XL Scoops Top Pool Design Awards

‘Only the ‘Best of the Best’ win a British Pool & Hot Tub Award’ this is clearly demonstrated by the winners of this most prestigious awards event held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. The combined swimming pool, spa, hot tub and wellness industry attracts entries from companies across Britain (and some from overseas). These national awards bring together members from SPATA (Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association) and BISHTA (British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association) to celebrate the achievements and acknowledge the best, boldest and most creative projects. Award-Winning Designs With ‘Oscar-Esque’ status in the Water Leisure Industry, the 2020 British Pool & Hot Tub Award winners

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XL Pools Mascot ‘Dog Blog’

XL Pools cat walk….or is it dog walk? After a wonderfully hot bank holiday weekend that broke records across the UK, the ‘XL Pools Mascots’ were out modelling for their Easter Fashion Week. Step aside ‘Cat’ Moss. For those that don’t know, the XL Pools Mascots are these adorable fashionistas, without their help we just wouldn’t be were we are today! Their eye for outfits really separates the dogs from the pups. Despite not being experts on swimming pool installation, these guys make up for it by being fantastic models and love a fibreglass pool to relax in when the sun comes out! For those that are interested in their

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Installation Information

What is the procedure of a pool install with XL Pools? What to expect: Undergoing a home swimming pool installation is a very exciting process but the lead up can be confusing to those who don’t know what processes are involved during and after a build. Like any build the hustle and bustle of machinery, noise and people moving in and out is a given but we take great care to assess the access points, surveying the dig area and to make the whole process as efficient as possible. In this blog are some simple stages and insights to how a build unfolds and links to pages that may help

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Rollo Covers, Can you ‘STAND’ them?

We can! In fact we can stand on them..literally! Compass Rollo covers are integrated slatted covers that are designed for maximum energy efficiency and overall safety for the whole family. The safety cover easily rolls across the pools surface at the touch of a button. Once unrolled they are designed to withstand the weight of a small pet, child or even an adult! So what about the functionality of a Rollo Cover? The clever slat design of a Rollo Cover allows for optimal thermal storage which warms the swimming pool water by 4 to 8 °C during the day (depending on the season and geographical location). At night when the

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Looking for the highest quality swimming pool? Think Fibreglass

Pool with Slide

Swimming pools can come in numerous shapes and sizes, but the first thing to decide is what type of construction material to use. When comparing pool surfaces, the three main types of in-ground pools are concrete, vinyl-lined, and fibreglass, but if you are looking for the highest quality swimming pool? Think Fibreglass – we’ll tell you why…   Fibreglass Pools Allow For Quick Installation The biggest selling point for fibreglass swimming pools is they’re very easy to install, the easiest and most efficient of all options. Fibreglass pools are generally factory-moulded, manufactured off-site, transported to your home in a single piece, then placed inside an excavated hole with a crane.

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How is a Fibreglass Pool Installed?

Have you ever wondered how a fibreglass pool is installed? Well, firstly we have to have the pool sent to your property. As well as the pool, the filtration equipment required is delivered, then it’s time for our expert installers to do what they do best… Marking Out the Pool: Measurements are given as to how the hole for the pool should be created to fit that specific model and we will already have discussed placement of the pool and any landscaping wishes beforehand. This then allows us to mark out the area required for excavation.   Excavation: We will check the levels of the hole as it is being

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Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Fibreglass Pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool Design with Waterfall

When someone is considering installing a swimming pool, there are many factors that will dictate whether they choose fibreglass, concrete, or vinyl liner. Although each type of pool has its own pros and cons, in this article we would like to focus on the benefits of choosing a fibreglass pool for your home…   Fibreglass Pools are Easy to Install During the installation process, both concrete and vinyl liner pools can be affected by changes in temperature, rain and other weather elements, but with fibreglass, the installation is rarely affected by these unpredictable factors due to the fibreglass shell being constructed off site. Fibreglass Pools are Low Maintenance It has become an

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What Size of Pool is Best For You?

Pool Installation and Design

A common question we get asked is what size pool they should get. The answer to this may not always be a clean-cut but it is one that you want to get right first time as you can’t change the size of the pool once it is in the ground! As tempting as it maybe to get the biggest pool possible, budget and ongoing costs have to be considered. There are a number of questions we ask our customers to determine the best size of pool for them. These are: 1/ Who is going to be using the pool the most? One of the most important questions to ask is

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Swimming Pool Construction and Trees: 5 Common Questions

Outdoor One-Piece Swimming Pool with Summerhouse

With our business being based in Kent, the garden of England you wouldn’t be surprised to hear we have to deal with a lot of trees in the gardens where a pool is proposed to be installed. In this blog we will explore the various scenarios we have seen over the years and what should be done about them. In this blog we will cover:   Can tree roots damage my Swimming Pool? Should I remove all trees from around my pool? How close to a tree can a pool be installed? Can I remove a tree after my pool has been installed? Can I leave a tree stump in

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A Guide to Automatic Pool Cleaners

Scrubbing and cleaning your pool may well be up there with going to the dentist or a commute to the city in our list of least favourite things to do. Sadly as with many things in life it is something we all need to do now and again. When it comes to cleaning your pool having the right equipment helps someway to alleviate the problem but what if we told you there was a better way? An investment in an automatic pool cleaner not only will reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your pool but will also improve the general health of your pool’s water. There

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